What is the deposit for fox rent a car Fox Terms and Conditions > Cheap Car Rental United States Fox Car Rental Ft. Lauderdale FL- an interesting mix of rental cars available: Fiat , Ford Taurus, Mustang convertible, Dodge Challenger, Chevy Camaro at decent prices, BUT, poor customer service, they will charge your credit card before you bring the car back, they will charge your card an extra amount as a deposit (which they refund a week or so after you return the car).

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I may never use Fox Rent a Car again in my life, if I can help it. This quote will not include: How does a security deposit on a car rental work? Customer is fully responsible. Do you have one-way reservations? Based on ratings submitted in the last year. Do you offer insurance replacement while the car I own is being serviced? I was forced to upgrade at a cost that boosted both my main rental amount and all the hidden taxes associated with the Phoenix airport. The phone was not where it was left. Right next door where? How can I adjust myself toll road in Florida in a moment? You will have a waiting period to have your FOXpress rental approved while the customer what is the deposit for fox rent a car department verifies your license validity. Can I pay with a pre-paid or debit card? Bookmaker au deposit bonus should report it via visit web page FOXpress app to customer service or call Yes, select vehicles may feature the OnStar service. Employees are rude, they don't have the vehicles they offer, they never answer their phones. Our app offers promotions and booking services. I liked the PT Cruiser - but my wife and sister even once turned in the omni-present PT for another car in LA because they didn't like the gas mileage. Can other discounts be applied to 'Pay Now' rates? Report Abuse daftscotsman on Feb 18, 13 at Log in with Facebook. Save yourself some time, effort, pain and suffering. When I got into the car, the steering wheel made the speedometer impossible to see and I could not get a comfortable position. I asked if I could use click at this page phone and she said they had no phones. Our plane was delayed by 1 hour and we got to the rental place at 1 a.

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The Payless representative stated the rates should be the same and created a booking in his system for me at the same rate, but instead booked me a compact car instead of midsize. Have questions about FOXpress app? Their version what is the deposit for fox rent a car customer service is pathetic and I am what is the deposit for fox rent a car disgusted with their lack of respect- I will GLADLY pay twice the amount to any other company just so I never have to deal with these awful people again. Modifying Booking Modifying your booking may change the original quoted price. There were three other families on what is the deposit for fox rent a car shuttle, they all had the same experience, everybody was absolutely furious. Some providers booking site, outside source, etc. I should not have said most rather most recent posters on this thread seem to have registered only to post a negative comment about Fox rentalI'm wondering what content on this thread is an accurate assessment of the company and it's cars. Would you not WANT to make sure your customers are fully satisfied? After they did FINALLY show up, we got back to the rental just click for source just in time to demand that they take us to the airport 5 miles away so that we didn't miss our flight. I've called and left messages time and time again and no one ever calls back. We rented a standard car and after checking in and going down to the garage area to get the car, the attendant told us to 'take any vehicle in row 'X" leo vegas join whatever. Please ask for details at the time of rental. Please advise the age of your baby or child. But then you'll never see this since you hit and ran. Vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel as at the start of the rental to avoid refueling charges. My husband thinks they get the used car from bigger car rentals like Hertz etc, hence the older car with lots of mileage. An arbitration award and any judgment confirming it apply only to the specific parties in that case and cannot be used in any other case except to enforce the award itself. I hope some one will learn from my experience. Rented at SFO Airport.

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Fox Rent A Car, Inc. was founded in , as a discount brand catering to airport travelers. Actively managed and owned by its founders, the organization has enjoyed robust growth and positive operating income for over twenty years.
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Fox Terms & Conditions. are provided by Fox Rent a Car and may change without All required available funds will be captured as a deposit at time of rental.
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Travel the world better. Book your Deposit car rental now & pay at pick up! Expedia partners with 55+ suppliers for the lowest prices. Save more with the Expedia.
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Fox Terms & Conditions. are provided by Fox Rent a Car and may change without All required available funds will be captured as a deposit at time of rental.
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This was the worst car rental service ever. Arrived at Fox Rent A Car at Denver Airport, and discovered a long, long line to talk to an agent.
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