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That is the kind of stuff that keeps the legend of real estate investment alive and kicking. Is real estate the best investment vehicle compared to gold or equity shares or the perennial favourite, fixed deposits? Buying an under-construction flat is not real real money betting india investment. You are actually lending money to a developer with the hope that he will deliver a flat to you in the not-so-distant future. You better make a good return when you buy an under-construction flat.

Return follows risk, and in the Indian context, the risks of buying an under-construction flat are so high that developers have to provide a price that gives you good returns. There is nothing wrong in buying an under-construction flat in the quest for real money betting india returns as long as you understand the risks involved. Very real money betting india investors know that the largest number of pending cases in consumer courts is with respect to developers not delivering on promised flats.

The other mistake people make is the assumption that buying a house to stay in is real estate investment. I would put it more in the category of a consumption item like gold jewellery. You know it has decent resale value but you are unlikely to sell it unless your life is at stake. As an aside, there is a very vocal minority that advocates that it real money betting india no sense to buy a flat for your own residence. They have plenty of charts, tables and rent-versus-buy calculators to prove their point.

I think these rent-versus-buy calculators miss a very significant cost which is that of defying social convention. Buying your own house even with a fat loan is considered the sign of having achieved financial stability.

The cost of social pressure is enormous and the sense of security you get by conforming to the social norm of owning your own residence is way too high to be ignored. Plus, it is not always easy to liquidate a real estate investment unless you are a very european gambling industry real money betting india. Most investors are not active and this lack of easy liquidity, which is actually a disadvantage, turns into its biggest advantage as the asset continues to accrue and compound returns.

The most crucial bit about these investments are the returns. If you are delirious with the result, it typifies the legend of real estate investing. The actual return on this investment is just 10 real money betting india per annum, and even that is prior to the payment of capital real money betting india tax. The post-tax return will be in single digits. It is a сказал, online casinos that accept discover card будет return, but not spectacular.

We did a small dip stick survey on the real estate market in Mumbai. Ready reckoner values [market value of properties] are available for 24 years since and we looked at the year real money betting india returns over these 24 years. While the ready reckoner values trail the real prices in most cases, they keep pace with the increase in prices, and hence, real money betting india returns calculated using these rates will tend to be quite close to the actual returns.

Check this out the best-performing locality of Colaba, the average year return was 8. The returns are far more volatile if you take a lower time period of five or eight years.

If you look at a comparative return on the Nifty, it is far superior with much lesser volatility. Not a single real money betting india return is negative in this case. But unlike equities, real estate prices are not published on a daily basis and hence, a drop in rates is not publicly visible.

Hence, real estate tends to allow the magic of compounding full play unlike any other asset class even if the rate of compounding is not very high. We have many clients real money betting india have up to 80 percent of their portfolio in real estate.

As part of the asset allocation exercise, when we ask them to sell one of their properties, they look at us as if we have asked them to sell one of their kidneys. It is always an uphill battle to convince them.

In conclusion, you should definitely invest in real estate as long as you have a fairly large portfolio and only some portion link to percent is allocated to this asset class. This story appears in the 06 February, issue of Forbes India. You can buy our tablet version from Magzter. To visit our Archives, click here. Harsh, Really very nice insights about continue reading. But, see few downsides about investing in other investment instruments as well.

For active investors almost every investment instrument works fine in the long run. In case of passive investors, where the majority investing in real estate works well because of these reasons - 1.

As Parag mentioned, Real Estate investments can be leveraged. One can get a bank loan to invest in a house. I am not sure if you get bank loans at the similar rates for investing in stock market!!! The leveraged purchase of real estate works great since you get exemptions on interest as well as principal.

I am sure stock market investments don't fetch any such deductions. Few refer liquidity as a concern on real estate investments. I feel these days we easily get Loan against property in case of liquidity requirements. I hope that solves liquidity concern as well. The best thing about this is that your property still is used by you and stays with you. I am sure thats not the case with any other investment.

As a general rule any investment option can go bad if one chooses a bad unit to invest. Stocks of a poor organisation will never fetch returns. Same remains true with a real estate investment. Invest wisely after carrying out good research about the company from which you are buying. The real estate sector of Chennai was not as developed as today, where the builders and developers are grabbing land for the gated communities, towers, villas etc.

Chennai today is listed in one of the top city to invest in real estate around the online casino app as per Candy GPS report which states Chennai in top 10 cities to invest around the world. You can not get the same for equity or any other investment. And if husband and wife both are earning members and loan is joint then the benefit is larger.

So the cost of home loan comes down to 7. Once you put this in calculation, the returns will change quite a lot. But again both investments need patience and good selection with a little bit of real money betting india. Having said that blind faith in anything is bad!

So a blind investor will fail in any investment except if he is pure lucky. Real real money betting india has been vehicle for wealth creation real money betting india many rich families not only in India but globally.

You need methodical approach. May be REIT are the right vehicle which will reduce the investment learn more here needed to invest but may take away the tax benefits.

Disclaimer - I am a real estate developer but not in any large metro. What Harsh Roongta said i agree with him. Now a days people are moving on real estate. If we invest in that we will get profit.

This real money betting india right time to sell flat and invest that money in other investment options. Because in coming years real estate will not be that profitable. This is a eye opening article at the time when every one is over bought in property without understanding the returns.

The whole real estate market is a shark. If it goes down,it will take many more things with them. One has to be very very cautious when investing in real estate. You may get click at this page income from the investments but it may take a very long time to recover the investment. Instead of avoiding our behavioural biases the author is recommending buying into the asset class in a price agnostic manner and still managed to gets the shallow article published in Forbes India.

Sad state of affairs of personal financial advisory space. Hi Could Harsh please confirm how the return percentages change if we include rental income and dividend income. The graphs of the returns do not include rental income just as the index figures do not inlcude dividend income which more or less cancel themselves out on a post tax basis. We will soon put in a calculator on the site where you can do the rent versus buy your self and you will real money betting india that in most cases if you take a 10 year bonus 5 euro bet at home and even after taking rental saving into account as well as tax breaks on home loansthye rent will still win out off course without taking the social costs of renting real money betting india account.

Rental yield is normally around 3 to 4 percent compared to about 1 to 2 percent for dividend yield. But flat has depreciation and maintenance expenses which can be much higher. So have you considered the resale price of an old flat or have you compared real money betting india cost of a new flat.

When it comes to real estate, we are a real money betting india in denial. We used to maintain similar lofty notions about gold until recently. Everyone who is buying an apartment likes to fondly quote anecdotes relating to other apartments in the same block being resold to fetch fat profit.

Apartments are expected to double in their worth every two years until real money betting india end of humanity and real money betting india beyond. One who is above 30 and lives in a rented apartment is scoffed and scorned at, and is generally deemed as insane. The consumer will be end-played. Very good article on real estate jackpot bonus 2016 equity investmentmost of us are obsessed with safety of investments in real estate and goldwhich is not true proves this article.

Soon Indian real estate will collapse. Real estate bubble burst can happen any time. Currently buying house is not possible for most of the Indians as price is too high. Only super rich buy and sell property, its not gonna happen for long time.

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Let me just state the obvious real money betting india Cricket is the most popular sport in India. The first recorded match was in Anyway, a lot of Indians also bet on cricket.

And, according to our website statistics, a lot of them worry about the legalities of online gambling in India.

We must warn our readers that whatever you do, you do at your own risk. We will merely provide information as to how you can deposit real money betting india and bet on cricket online. I will not guarantee that you are without liability to fines or worse.

Please do your own due diligence read article make sure you stay on top of the laws in your jurisdiction. However, there are a few bookmakers out there that caters to Indian bettors specifically. We would recommend using Bet as your main bookmaker from India.

Bet is one real money betting india the most well-known online betting sites on the planet, and they have a great reputation among bettors and others in see more industry. You can trust them both with your money and personal information. Another bookmaker we would recommend for players from India are Http:// They are also very friendly to the market in India and offer lots of betting options on for example cricket and they are looking to add INR as a currency you can use there.

They are not newcomer to the online betting market having operated sincebut they are new to the Indian online betting market. They see that people in India love to bet, and very much so on cricket, and are looking to expand to their market there. Check that out here. You can read the reviews for these sites if you go to our cricket betting sites page or see above. Most Euro and UK sportsbooks accept a wide variety of banking methods. You can deposit with methods like e-wallets, credit or debit cards.

These are convenient most people have access to real money betting india options and are quick deposits clear instantly. That is all there is to it. Some of the steps see more require a bit of patience and work, like funding your Neteller or Skrill account, but once you have it setup, depositing to your betting site happens in an instant.

For example, some books — news pensacola of which, reportedly, is Bet — will not accept credit or debit card payments from Indians. You might also run into problems trying to use PayPal, Entropay or even Neteller, all of which have had problems with India. And you can thank the Payment and Settlement Act, for that.

This was signed into law on December 20th, by Madame President Patil. This law gives the Reserve Bank of India the ability to regulate all forms of electronic payments. The most important part of the law states that:.

Payment system not to operate without authorisation: The country gives them the right to make policies on demand for anything to do with payment processing. This governs the exchange of foreign currencies. This, too, can get in your way of making a deposit if you try to make a deposit to an online sportsbook in anything other than rupees for read article reason.

Take the Public Gambling Act real money betting indiafor example. Of course, this law also brings up the luck vs skill argument. In fact, there are 12 brick and real money betting india casinos between Goa and Sikkim real money betting india, where you can bet on sports and play casino games.

Online gambling is possible. But because of the Information Technology Actany activity the government views as corruptible to its people is prohibited. Indians are able to place bets with offshore sportsbooks and casinos. A couple examples include Bet, and Betway. All 3 are top-notch, and all 3 accept Indians.

Gambling in India real money betting india legal in a few states, but only offline. Online gambling is illegal in India. Lots of other Indians are doing it.

But if you want to bet on cricket online, be sure to choose a top-notch sportsbook, and preferably one that accepts the banking method you want to use. Video for real money Betting in India Let me just state the obvious here: And lots of people watch it.

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Website in Hindi Solid selection of cricket bets Plenty of deposit options Review. Great for live betting cricket Wide selection of sports bets Many deposit options Review. Create an account at Neteller or Skrill. Real money betting india an account at a betting site.

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