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IAMA high stakes Blackjack player that got banned from 47 casinos at once. They call me Dr. My name is Sam Barrington, author of Ask Dr. I was mesmerized the first time I saw a blackjack table. It became an obsession. And I found a way to win consistently. I've seen it all at the casino. I've spent time in all the high roller rooms. I've enjoyed all the perks of the casino. I've even seen a dead body outside a casino parking garage.

I'm not that kind of guy. My only crime was that I spent years studying blackjack and I figured out how to beat the casino.

Those who are interested in purchasing my book may visit my website: Regarding the top comment from user online blackjack real money reddit, this is absolutely not a sham. I am committed to my blackjack strategy and have had success with it for a long time now. My friends wanted to know how I was able to win at blackjack, so that was the perfect opportunity for me to author the book. The book allows visit web page to share my method with both my friends and the casual blackjack player who wants to stretch his gaming dollar a little bit further.

Would you be willing to put your "system" into a computer simulation and play it out over 1 million hands. I'll go out on a limb and say he can't do these things. This guy pisses me off. Not only is he profiting online blackjack real money reddit this book full of bullshit, he's giving others false hope of making a profit - he could be responsible for people losing a lot of money as a result, and that's just a really shitty thing to do.

Look, no one is sending you to the casino at gun point. I hate that idea that we've pissed away all personal responsibility here. For all we know Dr. Blackjack's system works for him for his level of expectations and he online gambling legality by state to share his method.

I also dislike the idea that if someone does a stupid investment like gambling, society is to blame. No, the person is to blame. I never gamble because I understand the odds. There's moral hazard in forgiving people for doing stupid things.

The punishment of losing their money and looking stupid is nature's way of telling you you're a dumbass. That system works quite well, thanks. Herein lies the problem. This is fundamentally false. If you're not counting cards, then there is an optimal strategy to play the game online blackjack real money reddit which any deviation from increases the house edge.

Blackjack is not a complicated game that's secretly being exploited by a few smart individuals. There's a universal, mathematically-sound 'basic strategy' to play optimally.

His system doesn't count cards - therefore statistically, it can't work. It's not that he's doing something legally wrong, but he's intentionally misleading people in a game that can't be profited from over time. He's using false hope of gambling profits to profit himself from the book sales. But when you try and market a blackjack strategy based on liesit's likely someone who buys your book is going online blackjack real money reddit do something hazardous to their well-being.

I've played lots online blackjack real money reddit blackjack when I played poker for a living, but the most online blackjack real money reddit is that I открыл roulette money management strategy было to 'bonus whore' online casinos through blackjack so I know the math very well behind it.

Normally people can bullshit all they want, but if he's clearly marketing his product which isn't always bad online blackjack real money reddit but he is lying about it so I think we need to expose him. Modified basic strategy; Basic strategy is called basic strategy because it's been crunched by geniuses what optimal play is in check this out scenario without card counting.

There is a basic chart that tells you exactly what to do that is mathematically optimal. He is not able to modify it. Not liking doubling down 11 vs 6; Aside from blackjack, this is the most profitable scenario that can be dealt to you.

If you don't do this, you are giving the house a huge huge edge. With all his other math problems, there is no way he is able to calculate his edge. And obviously as others have pointed out which he has continuously ignored, blackjack is a longterm game. Walking away doesn't mean anything because it is one long session.

Losing 5 today and coming back tomorrow is the same as losing 5 and continuing to play now. There is no difference. For recreation it is good to put yourself in a better mood, but you are not changing your expected value in any way. If anyone is interested in online blackjack real money reddit calculations, this is a wonderful site. It lists every rule variation and the EV of almost any decision you have to make from basic strategy to those pesky two queen sidebets.

It's not mine, and I'm not saying you will win money from Blackjack, but online blackjack real money reddit will certainly lose less. Hover over "Appendices" and I think it's clear this guy has done his homework. I once bought a online blackjack real money reddit book written by a college professor of engineering who investigated mathematically the game of blackjack and various strategies. It was a much better and more mathematically rigorous read than your average blackjack book such as this Dr.

He goes through online blackjack real money reddit derivations of basic strategy along with when it changes with knowledge of what is left in the deck and I managed to reproduce the results through MATLAB simulations. You are right that double down on 11 vs. It only changes if the true count is below or something ridiculous like that. Consistently winning money in blackjack is much harder than it seems and actually keeping up card counting with the flow of the game is a skill that takes practice and patience.

Also choosing the table with the best rules has a much bigger impact overall than mild variations in deck count. Anyone with a little programming skill can easily set up a simulation for these rule variations without knowing a lot about probability math, which is hard. When I am 5 chips ahead, I walk away from the table. I start out playing with 7 chips -- if I win while I online blackjack real money reddit these 7 chips, the winnings go to a separate stack in front of me.

But if I lose the 7 chips that I started out with, I still may have 3 or 4 chips that I've won, and that mitigates the loss -- and I online blackjack real money reddit up and walk away. In other words he's not a high stakes blackjack player, he's a recreational player that bets kind of big for a recreational player.

Also, a big part of his online blackjack real money reddit article source to hinge on limiting exposure while also limiting his ability to win. This http://pay.onatra.info/bonus-senza-deposito-casino-aams.php a strategy that makes money overall, but it does lead to a decent number of profitable sessions, enough for selective memory to kick in and make it feel like you're doing well, even when your'e down.

Pit boss here chiming in. Not only have we not banned this guy, but we have never banned some one on the basis of "being too good" or "card counting". Yes, players get banned for doing ILLEGAL things such as capping bets, marking cards, and trying to take advantage of a dealer, but nothing of this case. Yeah, wizard of odds is amazing. This post about betting systems describes why OP is either a complete moron or a con artist: Those who online blackjack real money reddit these systems are the present day equivalent of the 19th century snake oil salesmen.

Under no circumstances should you waste one penny on any gambling system. Every time one has been put to a computer simulation it failed and showed the same ratio of losses to money bet as flat betting. In any event, such an excuse misses the point; the computer runs billions of trials simply to prove that a system is unsound. Very well written, I play a lot of poker and by extension also play Blackjack to ''bonus whore'' on occasion or blow of steam with here at a brick and online blackjack real money reddit. I know a lot of people who play a lot of blackjack and only 1 guy who plays basically for his livelihood and has consistently profited from it, but the variance is huge and the profit margins are often thin, even most full online blackjack real money reddit poker players I know could probably not handle the long downswings that I have heard of this guy going through.

I have made money the same way from online casinos, but only make money from real casinos with card counting. Playing optimal strategy results in a very minor edge in favor of the house, unless maybe you're looking for a particular set of nonstandard table rules though I'd be pretty surprised if any rules set allowed for the player to have an edge.

That leads me to believe that you adopt some sort of counting strategy, or otherwise monitoring the quality of the shoe. How to make a profit at blackjack: Blackjack is not as a risky investment as the stock market, but people will give their life savings to online blackjack real money reddit snake oil continue reading in the stocks and bonds market and sit back and wait to see what happens.

I assure you that I still play blackjack regularly and I make more per dollar at that than I do at the stock market. And I make more in the stock market placing my own buys than my broker does. I wrote the book at the request of friends and acquaintances because they wanted to stretch their gaming dollar while at the casino. I self-published my book and then a publishing company picked up the rights to it. I can assure you that I make more money at blackjack than I casino with no deposit at book sales!

When I published the book, it was never my intention for it to be a profitable enterprise. It was another hobby.

Blackjack online blackjack real money reddit not as a risky investment as the stock market, but people will give their life savings to a snake oil salesman in the stocks and bonds market. First of all, to call blackjack an "investment" is just absurd. To follow that up by saying its not as risky as the stock market shows that he has the online blackjack real money reddit of "gambling" and "investing" mixed up, as well as a poor grasp of "risk".

The most basic and important difference is that in the stock market, you can invest in the market as a whole and participate in its growth without making company specific bets.

In gambling, if you don't bet, you don't have any chance at returns.

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When reporting, please explain why you think it should be removed. Do not message moderators individually about posts not appearing in the new queue or ban appeals. Failure to do so may result in a ban. I want to hang out with this guy. Not like in his normal life but I want to hang out with him while he has to wear that dumb outfit and try not to laugh at stuff. Maybe but I don't think laughing at people losing is going to get you http://pay.onatra.info/online-casino-dealer-hiring-philippines-2014.php very much, I would guess he was just finding it funny for some reason.

I mean I could see him being depressed in real life, Http://pay.onatra.info/online-casino-slot-tricks.php learned from the news that famous comedy people kill them own body due to being depressed. How does the dealer always know his 2nd deposit cash with paypal before showing it? While flipping, he already says the total.

He's running it over the scanner and that displays the count on the screen he's reading from. To show they're open for play. Kinda useless because it's just one player but on a full table helpful. Basically a "place online blackjack real money reddit bets" gesture.

Maybe you're half joking but that could be super useful at casinos. Blackjack is a fast-paced game with usually very strict rules. Simple enough once you get the hang of it, but online blackjack real money reddit if you're walking up to a table for your first time.

It would be great if the dealer gave you a list of do's and dont's -- although a good dealer will be very accommodating and helpful as it is, after all, their job to keep you entertained and sitting at the table -- but the combination of pumping out hands and other patrons at the table can be a very scary environment.

I've heard too many stories of people who get yelled at from taking a 'wrong hit' or screwing online blackjack real money reddit rest of the table online blackjack real money reddit poker. Because of that I only stick to slots at the casinos cuz I'm scared of fucking someones christmas. I wouldn't worry about it. People online blackjack real money reddit pissed when you 'play online blackjack real money reddit and take the wrong card, but no one says shit when you 'play wrong' and take the right card.

It is still totally random no matter what anyone believes. With that said, you should stick to the lowest minimum tables, and preferably without people betting a lot or who are losing a lot. Sit in the first chair Definitely not last if you are new and ask the other players for help. It is very easy once you play for a little bit. If there is something you want to online casinos yahoo answers ask me.

I will tell you the gambling harm and don'ts. Many people don't realize how serious it is when you sit down at a table in a casino. I've seen newbies try to TOUCH their cards and nearly get thrown out within 30 seconds of sitting хорошо, best online casino bonuses обращай, or touching your bets etc Before dealing you mean?

It's a procedure to let customers know betting is over and he's about to deal the cards. In a real casino the online blackjack real money reddit would also be checking the bets are valid and the chips are placed correctly too. A lot online blackjack real money reddit a blackjack dealers movements are just tradition see more this point. They show the underside of their hands to show they're not hiding cards up their sleeves, etc.

It at one point, had a point but now its mostly just tradition. Cards in the sleeve is one reason but also stealing chips is a big reason they have to show hands to the cameras.

When they are calling no more bets, they will wave their hand over the current bets so it will hit the arm of anyone still trying online blackjack real money reddit bet. It's to prevent arguments from players accidentally or purposefully betting after no more bets has been called.

There online blackjack real money reddit a small red bar in front of the shoe that I'm assuming reads the cards.

You can see he will move his 2nd card over it before he flips it. I'm guessing everyone's current totals are displayed on the screen he тогда cash fever slot games тем looking at. I don't understand why it doesn't just scan his card when he pulls it from the shoe.

Why does he have to run the card over the scanner again? To add to the dealer count. The player only knows the count that the face up cards show so you wouldn't want to put the count that includes the face down card up until its time.

It seems that when the down dealer card is pulled, that scanner doesn't actually display to the dealer what it is. If the dealer knows the card before it is the dealer's turn to act, he could potentially give away information to the player either inadvertently or on purpose. By not scanning the second dealer card, they prevent the dealers from working in collusion with the players through any kind source signals.

When they scan it the second time, it then adds that card to the dealer's total which is displayed on the screen. Why on Earth would you show the dealer the cards in advance?

The dealer's decisions basically work like a flow chart, they gain no advantage by online blackjack real money reddit able to see what card is drawn before it is flipped. But letting them know ahead of time introduces the possibility of them accidentally of purposefully giving away what the dealer's second card is while the player is still making their decision.

Hit if 'no', 'stay' if yes. But by showing the dealer what his total is he may accidentally give it away or somehow help the player out whether it be by gestures or any signal at all that would give the house a disadvantage. He may just online blackjack real money reddit read his total instead of the player's which could be an innocent mistake.

Better to remove all of that and have it be suspenseful for both people. I suggest you do the same. They're talking about the dealer spilling info by online blackjack real money reddit, but he doesn't know the facedown card before he runs it over the scanner AFTER the player stands.

I know how it works, I was piggybacking on USeaMoose's comment about not showing the dealer the totals out of turn. If a player decides to stand on 10 and the online blackjack real money reddit 2 cards are 14, the dealer has to pull another card? The dealer is not really playing against the players - they are just playing according to the rules. One of which is dealer must hit on up to Likewise, the player isn't trying to get closer to 21 than the dealer - they're also playing against the rules.

They know the dealer must hit on a 14, which influences their decision to stand on a Do you even know what blackjack is? Hahahaha the dealer always draws to 17 he doesn't make decisions online blackjack real money reddit a flow chart. That's what he's saying though, albeit in a strange way.

Yes, draw online blackjack real money reddit card etc. And also you draw to 16 and stand on Not draw to I know what you mean and you're correct, but the way you worded it is wrong while using correct casino terminology. Well that's not a flow chart at all, that's just linear, and I don't know why he's saying the dealer knowing his cards is a disadvantage to the bank, that doesn't make sense, the dealer clearly scans his second card AFTER the player stands.

But you're probably right on the terminology, I've never played in Pdf casino guide and the dealers around here have said "draw to. I guess if the dealer knows he might give away subtle hints either on purpose to his friends or by accident if someone is good at reading body language idk. It's just best to keep it hidden from everyone to avoid any accidents or foul play. Maybe they use different terminology in America, but in England we say ''Draw to 16 and stand on 17''.

If the dealer has 16 the dealer will draw a online blackjack real money reddit to it. It's also written across all the BJ tables in England in that exact way. What are you talking about?

Have you ever seen a flow chart? Do you know how they work? They literally use them to explain Blackjack. Because you flow through the chart and pick a direction based on your current state. Unless you are counting cards, there is always the same right and wrong decisions based on the game state.

And the dealer is locked into those decisions. Not that it is needed for a game as dead simple as Blackjack, but I worked in a company that made digital casino games like Blackjack for 7 years. There's a scanner that the card swipes over when it's drawn and each card has a chip.

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