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Oxfam is an international confederation of charitable organizations focused on the alleviation of global poverty. It was one of several local committees formed in support of the National Famine Relief Committee. Their mission was to persuade the British government to allow food relief through the Allied blockade for the starving citizens of occupied Greece.

The first overseas Oxfam was founded real online roulette australia Canada in Byit was a major international non-governmental aid organization. Oxfam International was formed in by a group of independent non-governmental organizations.

Their aim was to work together for greater impact on the international stage to reduce poverty and injustice. Engaged to manage the accounts and distribute donated clothing, he originated the policy of selling anything which people were willing to donate, and developed the shop into a national chain.

Oxfam's programmes address the structural causes of poverty and related injustice and work primarily through local accountable organizations, seeking to enhance their effectiveness. Oxfam's stated money bingo australia printable is to help people directly when local capacity is insufficient or inappropriate for Oxfam's purposes, and to assist in the development of structures which directly benefit people facing the realities of poverty and injustice.

Money bingo australia printable NovemberOxfam adopted the rights-based approach as the framework for all the work of the Confederation and its partners. Oxfam recognizes the universality and indivisibility of human rights and has adopted these overarching aims to express these rights in practical terms:.

Oxfam believes that poverty and powerlessness are avoidable and can be eliminated money bingo australia printable human action and political will. The right to a sustainable livelihood, and the right and capacity to participate in societies and make positive changes to people's lives are basic human needs and rights which can be met.

Oxfam believes that peace and substantial arms reduction are essential conditions for development and that inequalities can be significantly reduced both between rich and poor nations and within nations. Though Oxfam's initial concern was the provision of food to relieve famine, over the years the organization has developed strategies to combat the causes of famine.

In addition to food and medicine, Oxfam also provides tools to enable people to become self-supporting and opens markets of international trade where crafts and produce from poorer regions of the world can be sold at a fair price to benefit the producer. Click programme has three main points of focus: Through programmes like "Saving for Change", Oxfam is working to help communities become more self-sufficient financially.

The Saving for Change initiative is a programme whereby communities are taught http://pay.onatra.info/online-gambling-nz-real-money.php to form collective, informal credit groups. Through these mutually beneficial groups, members who tend to be mostly women, pool their savings into a fund which is used to give loans for activities such as paying for medical care and paying school fees, in addition to using the loans to fund small-scale business ventures.

Travel destinations casino, the goal of the programme is to leave the community with a self-sustaining organization where people who otherwise would not qualify for formal bank loans can go for financial assistance. In doing so, borrowers can start businesses which benefit not only themselves but also their communities.

Additionally, Oxfam has provided relief services during various global crises, including the Israeli—Palestinian conflictNorth Korean famineEast Africa droughtSahel droughtNepal earthquake [5] and Yemeni crisis.

Oxfam has become a globally recognized leader in providing water sanitation to impoverished and war torn areas the world over. Money bingo australia printableOxfam became one of the humanitarian groups that comprise the UK's Rapid Response Facility to ensure clean water in the wake of humanitarian disasters.

Oxfam has four main focuses for its resources. Economic Justice focuses on making agriculture work for farmers and agricultural labourers living in poverty and vulnerable circumstances, fairer trade rules for poor countries, and reducing the impact of climate change and energy shocks.

Essential Services focuses on; demanding that money bingo australia printable governments fulfil their responsibilities money bingo australia printable equitable delivery of good quality health, education, water, and sanitation, supporting civil society organizations and alliances to hold governments accountable for the delivery of these services, and ensuring better policies and more funding from rich countries and international institutions, as well as make sure they honour existing commitments on aid and debt reduction.

Rights in Crisis focuses on improving the ability to deliver better protection and greater assistance, through improving money bingo australia printable competencies and capacities, working with and through local organizations, and particularly strengthen the role of women, changing policies and practices of the international humanitarian system to deliver better protection and greater assistance, and working within the framework of human security, with a greater focus on preventing conflict, peace-buildingreconciliation and longer-term development.

Gender Justice focuses on supporting women's leadership at all levels to achieve greater power in decision-making and greater control over their lives, web casino based the number of women receiving an education two-thirds of all children denied school are girlsto acquire functional literacy skills so they can work, [18] working to end gender-based violence by changing ideas, attitudes and beliefs of men and women that permit violence against women, and strengthening Oxfam's own learning and capacities on gender to ensure that gender justice is achieved in all our work.

Make Trade Fair http://pay.onatra.info/bingo-games-online-for-real-money.php a campaign organized by Oxfam International that focuses on the elimination of several trade practices:.

Oxfam has numerous shops all over the world, which sell many fair-trade and donated items. They opened their first charity shop in[23] although trading began in The proceeds from money bingo australia printable are used to further Oxfam's mission and relief efforts around the globe.

Much of their continue reading still comes from public donations but they currently also sell fair trade products from developing countries in Africa, Asia and South America, including handcrafts, books, music CDs and instruments, clothing, toys, food and ethnic creations. These objects are brought to the public through fair trade to help boost the quality of life of their producers and surrounding communities.

Oxfam has over 1, shops worldwide. Oxfam Germany has 45 shops including specialist book shops; Oxfam France shops sell books and fair trade products and Oxfam Hong Kong has 2 shops selling donated goods and fair trade products. Of the Oxfam charity shops around the UK, around are specialist bookshops or book and music shops. Oxfam is the largest retailer of second-hand books in Europe, selling around 12 million per year.

Oxfam has a number of successful fundraising channels in addition to its shops. Over half a million people in the UK make a regular financial contribution towards its work, and vital funds are received from gifts left to the organization in people's wills. Many London Marathon [27] competitors run to raise money for Oxfam, and Oxfam also receives funds in return money bingo australia printable providing and organising volunteer stewards at festivals such as Glastonbury.

Christopher McCandlessthe subject of the book and film Into the Wilddonated his life savings to Oxfam before leaving society for the Alaskan wilderness. In August Arctic Monkeys released a 7-inch vinyl version of their new single "Crying Lightning" exclusively through Oxfam shops, with proceeds going to the charity.

Recently Oxfam India is emerging as a successful fundraising unit, it money bingo australia printable mainly with the help of always motivated team and the Resource Mobilization Heads.

Every October, Oxfam also holds the Oxjam music festival across the Money bingo australia printable to raise funds for its activities. InOxfam started the Behind the Brands project, "to provide people who buy and enjoy these products with the information they need to hold the Big 10 [food and beverage companies] money bingo australia printable account for what happens in their supply chains".

The Scorecard consists of seven categories, being: The table below provides an overview money bingo australia printable the evolution of the scores in percentage: Oxfam GB headquarters are located in Cowley, Oxford. In Oxfam GB advocated an increased migration to the UK through family reunification money bingo australia printable recommendations to the government suggesting rules should be extended to encompass extended family members and legal aid for family reunification to be reintroduced.

Oxfam Ireland works with local partner organizations in developing countries to develop effective solutions to poverty and injustice. Structure Oxfam Ireland is the public title of the two legal bodies registered in the respective jurisdictions as Oxfam Northern Ireland money bingo australia printable Oxfam Republic of Ireland.

Oxfam Ireland operates coherently on an all-island basis by means of a single management structure and shared membership of associations and councils. Oxfam Canada traces its history towhen the British-based Oxford Committee for Famine Relief sought to establish a Canadian branch. Oxfam Canada was independently incorporated in ; the first Board of Directors included 21 distinguished Canadians. InOxfam Canada became a key organizer of the successful Miles for Millions fundraising walks link the country.

With its revenues, Oxfam began to provide educational materials to money bingo australia printable and undertake advocacy work in public policy development. The early s was a critical period of growth as Oxfam began its own programming overseas in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and established a network of staff and volunteers across Canada learn more here support its work.

During this same period, Oxfam Canada began to analyze its role in the development process, moving from a traditional see more of charity one-time grants towards long-term development programming working with communities to effect lasting positive change. Deeply involved in the international movement against apartheid in South Africa and Central American solidarity through online gambling illegal s and '80s, Oxfam Canada sought to address the fundamental, underlying causes of poverty.

This in turn led to Oxfam's role as a major advocacy organization in the s, to mobilize public support for changing the policies that perpetuate poverty. Oxfam Machine free airplane slot online is a founding member of Oxfam, the federation of Oxfams worldwide. Today, Oxfam Canada works with over partner organizations in developing countries, tackling the root causes of poverty and inequity and helping people to create self-reliant and sustainable communities.

In Canada, Oxfam is active in education, policy advocacy and building a constituency of support for its work. InOxfam America became an independent nonprofit organization and an Oxfam affiliate in money bingo australia printable to the humanitarian crisis created by the fight for independence in Bangladesh. Oxfam America's headquarters are located in BostonMassachusetts with a policy and campaigns office in Washington, D.

A registered c 3 organization, Oxfam America campaigns for climate change adaptationfood securityaid reform, access to medicines, and fair trade. Its mission is to get the francophone population involved in the situation of developing countries.

Oxfam New Zealand money bingo australia printable is an aid and development organization and affiliate of Oxfam International who conduct humanitarian, development and advocacy work to support positive and lasting change for communities living in poverty.

Oxfam New Zealand's work is made possible by supporters, interns, staff, volunteers, board and overseas partners.

Most of our staff are based in their Auckland office. They also have money bingo australia printable policy unit in Wellington. Oxfam Australia is an independent, not-for-profit, secular, community-based aid and development organization, and an affiliate of Oxfam International. Oxfam Australia's work includes long-term development projects, responding to emergencies and campaigning to improve the lives of disadvantaged people around the world.

They aim to give disadvantaged people improved access to social services, an effective voice in decisions, equal rights and status, and safety from conflict and disaster. Oxfam Australia's activities are mainly funded by community donation. InOxfam Australia's work reached 4. This was made possible by the support of more thandonors and campaigners. Oxfam Novib is the Dutch affiliate of the international Oxfam organization. The organization is based in The Hague. Oxfam Novib was money bingo australia printable under the name Novib in Novib, an online live blackjack card standing for Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Internationale Bijstand Dutch organization for international aidwas later changed to Nederlandse Organisatie voor Internationale Ontwikkelingssamenwerking Dutch organization for international development cooperation due to a change in approach of the organization's development work.

InNovib became an affiliate of Oxfam and the organization changed its name in to Oxfam Novib. Oxfam Solidarity incorporates the activities of Oxfam Belgium founded in and those of Oxfam Projects created in Oxfam Solidarity supports approximately projects and programmes in the South totalling around 10 million Euro, thanks to co-financing by the Belgian government and the European Union.

The income of the organization comes from recycling activities, from the support of donors and as a result of money bingo australia printable. Oxfam Wereldwinkels founded in and Magasins du Monde-Oxfam founded in remain autonomous organizations, focusing on fair trade.

With more than outlets, as many groups and volunteers, they form a movement which, guided by the principles of fair trade, pursues objectives similar to those of Oxfam Solidarity. Oxfam France was founded in under the name "Agir ici pour un see more solidaire" Act here for a unified world.

Its work was already based money bingo australia printable campaign and advocacy, both of which were rare in France at the time. Agir ici became an observer member of Oxfam inand a fully-fledged member in Oxfam France's work in advocacy and research focuses on Economic Justice especially tax revenue in developing countries, ODA, tax heavens and innovative financingAgriculture speculation and food prizes, biofuelsland grabbingtrade rulesprotecting civilians, and health.

Oxfam France money bingo australia printable funded mostly by public donations and by institutional donors. It has five second-hand shops: Oxfam Germany has money bingo australia printable beginnings in an initiative by concerned private citizens who in opened a secondhand shop in Bonn modelled on the idea of the British charity shops.

While not officially associated with Oxfam, the shop was staffed by volunteers and sold donated goods, with all proceeds given to projects run by Oxfam GB.

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