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It occupies the northern central part of the United States of America. The Census Bureau's definition consists of 12 states in the north central United States: The region generally lies on the broad Please click for source Plain between the states occupying the Appalachian Mountain range and the states occupying the Rocky Mountain range.

The Midwest is divided by the Census Bureau into two divisions. Chicago is the most populated city in the American Midwest and the third most populous in the entire country. Other large Midwest cities include in order by population: Chicago and its suburbs form the largest metropolitan statistical area with 9. PaulGreater St. The term Midwestern has been in use since the s to refer to portions of the central United States.

A variant midwest casino guide, Middle West, has been used since the 19th century and remains relatively common.

The Northwest Territory was one of the earliest territories of the United States, stretching northwest from the Ohio River to northern Minnesota and the upper-Mississippi.

The upper-Mississippi watershed including the Missouri and Illinois Rivers was the setting for the earlier French settlements of the Illinois Country. Economically the region is balanced between heavy industry and agriculture large sections of this land area make up the United States' Corn Beltwith finance and services such as medicine and education becoming increasingly important. Its central location makes midwest casino guide a transportation crossroads for river boats, railroads, autos, trucks and airplanes.

Politically the region midwest casino guide back and forth between как best casino bonuses no deposit Иначе parties, and thus is heavily contested and midwest casino guide decisive in elections.

After the sociological study Middletownwhich was based on Muncie, Indiana[12] commentators used Midwestern cities and midwest casino guide Midwest generally as "typical" of the nation. The region has a higher employment-to-population ratio the percentage of employed people at least 16 years-old than the Northeastthe Westthe Southor the Sun Belt states as of [update]. Traditional definitions of the Midwest include the Northwest Ordinance Old Northwest states and many states that were part of midwest casino guide Louisiana Purchase.

The Ohio River runs along the southeastern section while the Mississippi River runs north to south near the center. Many of the Louisiana Purchase states in the west-north central United States, are also known as Great Plains states midwest casino guide, where the Missouri River is a major waterway joining with the Mississippi.

The Midwest Region is defined by the U. Census Bureau as these 12 states: The Council of State Governmentsan organization for communication and coordination among state governments, includes in its Midwest regional office 11 states from the above list, omitting Missouri, which is in the CSG South region.

The vast central area of the U. Most of its eastern two-thirds form the Interior Lowlands. Most of the Great Plains area is now farmed. While these states are for the most part midwest casino guide flat, consisting either of midwest casino guide or of rolling and small hills, there is a measure of geographical variation. In particular, the following areas exhibit a high degree of topographical variety: Proceeding westward, the Appalachian Plateau topography gradually gives way to gently rolling hills and then in central Ohio to flat lands converted principally to farms and urban areas.

This is the beginning of the vast Interior Plains of North America. As a result, midwest casino guide cover most of the Great Plains states. Iowa and much of Illinois lie within an area called the prairie peninsulaan eastward extension of prairies that borders conifer and midwest casino guide forests to the north, and hardwood deciduous forests to the east and south.

Missouri and Arkansas have regions of Lowlands elevations, but in the Ozarks within the Interior Highlands are higher. Those familiar with the topography of eastern Ohio may be confused learn more here this; that region is hilly, but its rocks are horizontal and are an extension of the Appalachian Plateau.

These rivers have for tens of millions of years been eroding downward into the mostly horizontal sedimentary rocks of PaleozoicMesozoicand Cenozoic ages. Rainfall decreases from east to west, resulting in different types of prairies, with the tallgrass express canada in the wetter eastern region, mixed-grass prairie in the central Great Plainsand shortgrass prairie towards the rain shadow of the Rockies. Although hardwood forests in the northern Midwest were clear-cut in the late 19th centurythey were replaced by new growth.

Ohio and Michigan's forests are still growing. The majority of the Midwest can now be categorized as urbanized areas or midwest casino guide agricultural areas. Archaeological evidence indicates that Mississippian culture traits probably began in the St. Louis, Missouri area and spread northwest along the Mississippi and Illinois rivers and entered the state along the Kankakee River system.

Mississippian peoples in the Midwest were mostly farmers who followed the rich, flat floodplains of Midwestern rivers. They brought casino visa gift card them a well-developed agricultural complex based on three major crops— maizebeansand squash. Maizeor corn, was the primary crop of Mississippian farmers. They visit web page a wide variety of seeds, nuts, and berries, and fished and hunted for fowl to supplement their diets.

With such an intensive form of agriculturethis culture supported large populations. The Mississippi period was characterized by a mound-building culture. The Mississippians suffered a tremendous population decline aboutcoinciding with the global climate change of the Little Ice Age. Their culture effectively ended before Most numerous were the Hurons and Chippewas. Fighting and battle were often launched between tribes, with the losers forced to flee.

Most are of the Algonquian language family. Some tribes—such as the Stockbridge-Munsee and the Brothertown —are also Algonkian-speaking tribes who midwest casino guide from the eastern seaboard to the Great Lakes region in the 19th century. In the 16th century, American Indians used projectiles and tools of stone, bone, and wood to hunt and farm.

They made canoes for fishing. Most of them lived in oval or conical wigwams that could be easily moved away. Various tribes midwest casino guide different ways of living. The Ojibwas were primarily hunters and fishing midwest casino guide also important in the Ojibwas economy.

Other tribes such as Sac, Fox, and Miami, both hunted and farmed. Midwest casino guide were oriented toward the open prairies where they engaged in communal hunts for buffalo bison. In the northern forests, the Ottawas and Potawatomis separated into please click for source family groups for hunting. The Winnebagos and Menominees used both hunting methods interchangeably and built up widespread trade networks extending as far west as the Rockies, north to the Great Lakes, south to the Gulf of Mexicoand east to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Hurons reckoned descent through the female just click for source, while the others favored the patrilineal method. All tribes were governed under chiefdoms or complex chiefdoms.

For example, Hurons were divided into midwest casino guide clans, each represented by a chief in the town council, where they met with a town chief on civic matters. But Chippewa people's social and political life was simpler than that of midwest casino guide tribes. The religious beliefs varied among tribes. Hurons believed in Yoscaha, a supernatural being who lived in the sky and was believed to have created the world and the Huron people.

Она best online casino game odds значительное death, Hurons thought the soul left the body to live in a village in the sky.

Chippewas midwest casino guide a deeply religious people who believed in the Great Spirit. They worshiped the Great Spirit through all their seasonal activities and viewed religion as a private matter: Ottawa midwest casino guide Potawatomi people had very similar religious beliefs to those of the Chippewas. The Plains Indians are the indigenous peoples who live on the plains and rolling hills of the Great Plains of North America.

Their colorful equestrian culture and famous conflicts with settlers and the US Army have midwest casino guide the Plains Indians archetypical in literature and art for American Indians everywhere. Plains Indians midwest casino guide click the following article divided into two broad classifications, with some degree of overlap.

The first group were fully nomadic, following the vast herds of buffalo. Some tribes occasionally engaged in agriculture; growing tobacco and corn primarily.

The second group of Plains Indians sometimes referred to as Prairie Indians midwest casino guide the semi-sedentary tribes who, in addition to hunting buffalo, lived in villages and raised crops. The nomadic tribes of the Great Plains survived on huntingsome of their major hunts centered on deer and buffalo.

Some tribes are described as part of the 'Buffalo Culture' sometimes called, for the American Bison. Although the Plains Indians hunted other animals, such as elk or antelopebison was their primary game food source. Bison flesh, hide, and bones from Bison hunting provided the chief source of raw materials for items that Plains Indians made, including food, cups, decorations, crafting tools, knives, and clothing.

The tribes followed the bison's seasonal grazing and migration. The Plains Indians lived in teepees because they were easily disassembled and allowed the nomadic life of following game.

When Spanish horses were obtained, the Plains tribes rapidly integrated them into their daily click the following article. By the early 18th midwest casino guide, many tribes had fully adopted a horse culture. Before their adoption of guns, the Plains Indians hunted with spearsbowsand bows and arrowsand various forms of clubs.

The use of horses by the Plains Indians made hunting and warfare much easier. Among the most powerful and midwest casino guide tribes were the Dakota or Siouxwho occupied large amounts of territory in the Great Plains of the Midwest. The area of the Great Sioux Nation spread throughout the South and Midwest, up into the areas of Minnesota and stretching out west into the Rocky Mountains.

At the same time, they occupied the heart of prime buffalo range, and also an excellent region for furs they could sell to French and American traders for goods such as guns. The Sioux Dakota became the most powerful of the Plains tribes and the greatest threat to American expansion. The Sioux comprise three major divisions based on Siouan dialect and subculture: Today, the Sioux maintain many separate tribal governments scattered across several reservations, communities, and reserves in the Dakotas, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Montana in the United States, as well as Manitoba and southern Saskatchewan in Canada.

European settlement of the area began in the 17th century following French exploration of the region and became known as New France. The French period began with the exploration of the Saint Lawrence River by Jacques Cartier in and ending with midwest casino guide expulsion by the British, who split New France with Spain in They traveled through Midwest casino guide upper peninsula to the northern tip of Lake Michigan.

On canoes, they crossed the massive lake and landed at present-day Green BayWisconsin. They entered the Mississippi River on Midwest casino guide 17,

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