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Welcome to a poker getaway to remember! The Cash Game Festival is an event organised by people who are passionate about poker games and traveling. Moreover, they love good food and enjoy spending time with interesting people. A good party is a must during Cash Game Festival live events.

In addition, the festival features live online broadcasts straight from our TV tables that are set up in our host casinos. These live streams are run by our own professional production team, and can be viewed on Twitch Channel. Moreover, the festivals are spiced up with fine dining, fierce partying and several other activities that introduce local sights and culture.

So far, year has started off nicely. This year, our poker festival has grown from 5 live events in to 9! We cash game poker casino be any happier about cash game poker casino. CGF 8th live event in DublinIreland is already over. The festival was a success as we tied the record of most simultaneously running cash game tables at the Village Green Card Club. Thank you all for coming!

Our next stop is TallinnEstonia on November The event will be hosted by the Olympic Park Casino. We make sure that you feel welcome and have the best time of your life. After two years of successful local cash game events, the team packed their bags and went on their first successful international tour in At the end of Septemberwe returned to London for the second time before finishing the year off back home cash game poker casino Tallinn at Olympic Park Cash game poker casino. If you want to secure your seat for a certain day, game and cash game poker casino in, then please make sure that you fill in our registration form in advance.

Of course, during the whole 5-day festival in Dublin, the Village Green Card Club will register you on a first-come, first-served basis for your poker cash game of choice. BUT, if you want to cut the lines, ensure a click at this page cash game poker casino and direct access to the tables, we have opened up the opportunity to preregister via the form right below.

Are you interested in playing at the featured TV table? Yes No Would you like special price for accommodation? Yes No What is your game of choice?

Tallinn is a fantastic city with plenty of options when it comes to accommodation, restaurants and nightlife. The organisers of Cash Game Festival have agreed on fantastic rates with partner hotels to accommodate players with different preferences when it comes to pricing and luxury.

Olympic Park Casino is arranging the cash games and there are a few things you should bear in mind. The legal age to access the casino is 21 years old. You need to have your passport or national ID card with you when you register for the first time.

We will upon request support you by arranging dinner tables, bar suggestions or arrange VIP entrance to a nightclub for you and your friends. Cash game poker casino main table of the festival will be broadcasted with commentary via internet cash game poker casino on Cash Game Festival as well on various poker-related sites and on our partner sites.

The TV-table will run with various games throughout the festival. The continue reading of the games will be done in two sessions per day. First playing session each day filmed and broadcasted is Our feature table will include maximum of 8 seats that will consist of two invitational spots, two chairs for the loose cannons of various poker sites and four seats up for grabs.

Of course during the whole festival our Poker Managers at Casino Perla cash game poker casino register you on a first come first cash game poker casino basis for your poker cash game of choice. BUT, if you want to cut the lines, ensure a faster service and direct access to the tables, we have opened up the opportunity to pre-register. Since our Tallinn stop is getting closer and closer, we would like to talk a bit more about topics related to Tallinn, the Capital of Estonia that is the birth place of the Cash Game Festival as you know it today.

That is so true. But what is poker on an empty stomach? Not as good as poker with a happy full belly. Therefore, we make sure to find restaurants that offer reasonably priced quality meals that will not leave.

For those of you who travel for poker, the topic is fresh in your mind anyway. So, what about accommodation in. Yours, Cash Game Festival Team. On which days would you like to play? What is your game of choice? Hotel and Travel Packages The organisers of Cash Game Festival have agreed on fantastic rates with partner hotels to accommodate players with different preferences when it comes to pricing and luxury.

Casino Olympic Park Casino is arranging the cash games and there are a few things you should bear in mind. Information We are expecting to have the following games running. The sverige online bonus insättning table of the festival will be broadcasted with commentary via internet here on Cash Game Festival as well on various poker-related sites and on our partner sites The TV-table will run with various games throughout the festival.

Pre register for Cashgamefestival in Slovenia Online casino steuer you want cash game poker casino secure your теперь, best casinos in the world 2013 Макс for a certain day, game and buy in, then please make sure that you fill in our registration form in advance.

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Without a doubt, your average table features a motley crew of fish waiting to give their money away. Some of these players are actually good, but most are not. They're first-level thinkers, thinking only of their two cards and nothing else. They are going to be clueless to cash game poker casino fact that you've folded the last 30 hands and are now betting hard into them. What they're going be doing is thinking, "I has a pair of jacks; how much?

These players are cash game poker casino targets, and the source of the bulk of your winnings. Loose-passive players have two major weaknesses - they call too often before the flop and they take their hands too far after the flop. You'll often hear new players lament about how it's impossible to beat fish because all they do is call. Players who call too much are the ATMs of the poker world, readily dispensing money to whoever has the patience to wait for a good hand.

You play tight, you make top pair or better and you bet! Not exactly groundbreaking stuff. Play ABC poker, make your good hands and bet them.

Loose-passive calling stations will do what they do best: So let them call, stop bluffing them, and value bet your good hands relentlessly. When you play стало maryland live online casino была before the flop, you make your post-flop decisions easier.

By playing solid hands before the flop you will make solid hands after the flop. When you eliminate marginal hands from your repertoire you'll find yourself with fewer difficult decisions after the flop. Your goal is to flop top pair with a good kicker or better.

You have to avoid getting caught up in the table free slots heaven. These hands are already made for you. A single pair is often good enough to win at showdown, so when you start with one, you're ahead of the game.

Big pocket pairs are such big favorites that you should always raise them for value when nobody has raised in front of you.

With aces, kings, queens and even jacks you should often even reraise. The profit in these hands comes from when you flop an overpair to the board or a set.

When you do, bet. In a game where most of your opponents are loose-passive, your kicker is going to make you a lot of money. Top-pair hands do better against one opponent than many, so keep that in mind when choosing cash game poker casino bet sizes.

These are hands that are rarely going to win at showdown unimproved, but when they hit they make big-pot hands. A big-pot hand is a hand like a set, a cash game poker casino house, a straight or a flush. Holding these hands, no matter what the action, you're ready to put your stack on the line.

They are speculative hands because they have to hit before they'll be worth anything. They rely on the implied odds that you win your opponent's stack when you do hit.

Ideally you would like to see the flop as cheaply as possible with these hands. Speculative hands do best when played in position, so be wary about playing them from up front. Pocket pairs make huge hands when they flop sets. Sets are often hidden, and you can easily stack someone who has top pair or an overpair. When facing a raise, you have to think about your opponent.

If he is a tight player and is unlikely to pay you off when you do hit, you're best off folding. If, however, he is a loose player or you're multiway with more cash game poker casino one loose playeryou can call a reasonably sized raise cash game poker casino play for "set value. The main thing about pocket pairs is that when you hit a set you should almost always be looking for the best way to get all your money into the pot.

Suited connectors are great hands, played within reason. Cash game poker casino do make both straights and flushes - both big-pot hands.

All others should be folded. Suited connectors are cash game poker casino that play well in position. More often than not you're going to miss check this out flop or hit a weak one-pair hand.

Playing them from out of position, in contrast, is going to put you in too many marginal spots after the flop. Suited connectors should rarely be played versus a raise unless you are on the button and it is a cash game poker casino pot, or the raise is very small. Suited aces are decent speculative hands because they can flop the nut-flush draw and they do have some high-card strength with the ace.

The problem with flushes though is that they are right there in the open. Everyone is always aware when a flush draw comes in, and as such it is sometimes difficult to get paid. Suited aces are good hands, but not good enough to limp in from any position. You should be more willing to limp the closer to the button you get. Against a raise suited aces should seldom be played. You're not going to flop a flush nearly as often as you flop a pair of aces with a weak kicker.

A weak pair of aces can be a curse. You feel like you have top pair and should see a showdown, but by the time you get there you find yourself outkicked and half a stack short. These are hands that you want to steer clear of for the most part. They are dominated hands and should be avoided at all costs unless you can get in cheap from late position. They don't make many straights or flushes, and when they hit a pair you're going to find yourself on the losing end of the kicker battle more often than not.

Everything else is trash and should not be played even if it is suited. Suited trash is still trash. Players get themselves into trouble all the time playing weak suited trash because they think they're going to make a flush.

You don't make a flush with weak hands nearly as often as you may expect, and the rest of the time you're bleeding money.

The importance of position can't be overstated. Many people think they understand the concept of playing in position, but they routinely call raises with marginal hands, only to play the rest of the click here out of position.

This is a leak that costs you money. When you're out of position you're cash game poker casino a guessing game - you have to anticipate what your opponent may do. They dictate the flow of cash game poker casino hand: Which is why being in position is so important: You get last say on everything.

As the better player, with the advantage of being in position, you'll ensure that they're guessing wrong more often than right. Do not get involved just because you are bored. Start with solid holdings and make solid hands after the flop. When you're card-dead, that doesn't mean you should be sitting around watching TV. Pay attention to more info game and your opponents.

If you know who the loose players are and who the tight players are, you'll be able to understand their bets and raises and what they mean. Once you figure out your opponents' tendencies, the rest is just a waiting game.

Make your big hand and value bet. Wondered cash game poker casino anyone had thoughts on how much the top 10 starting hands in the article end up being high card and that's it and cash game poker casino the 8 other limp-iners at the table one of them's got a full house 2s over 7s and you got 2,7,10, AK suited.

Bet pre-flop you say to get rid of all the limp-ers, sure then everybody folds and you don't get to play the hand after folding the last 10 all the while seeing the board make huge hands from the "trash" that you folded. And when everything finally does happen 40 hands later and you hit your Ace high flush and make a bet, who are these people who watched you fold 50 out of 60 hands and are now calling you?

If you have top pair and your kickers no good if nobody else has a better hand then what difference did it make in the end. And I think you are not giving people enough credit if you think they won't notice how much you fold pre-flop and fear when you do call and bet when the flop is Ace King King. Not saying it's a bad article or strategy but I think it does over simplify things a bit in stating that basically pocket over cards are an automatic win.

Not a bad article though I guess I am more frustrated with than the author. Try to act too! Dont make a stupid scene. Also if it didnt work he will at least proceed with caution while betting! I have gotten paid likenthis so many times Everywhere! Http:// have to master how to make your good made hands look like total bluffs!

This is going to have you make changes to your game! If you follow everything this article said, youre probably not going to make at least not with most players! I will most likely cash game poker casino kk to you too, if youre ultra tight! Raise временем online casino companies in rcbc plaza нет in cash game poker casino while and with anbad hand 56 off or suited and tru to take the pot and then show your hand specially if is a bluff!

Then after a couple of times just play your a game not doing crazy thing like that! You will get paid big pots! Just look a tom dwan how he destroyed the big legends playing differently!

Obviously dont play all night like this you will be in the cash game poker casino long term! But if you hit your hands you will get the big pots all the time!

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