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Biggest Online Casino Winners

It happens- just not that often. Whilst many are drawn to the various table games on offer, many players are tempted away by the massive progressive jackpots that are available to win on bigger slot games like Mega Moolah a Biggest online casino wins 2012 casino slot and MegaJackpots from IGT.

We take a look at just some of those lucky jackpot winners who have managed to score the biggest online casino wins and walk away with mammoth winnings. John was playing The Dark Knight slot game when he managed to spin in his huge win which was linked to the Mega Moolah jackpot network.

He reportedly began by just betting a mere 20p per spin until his payout grew exponentially into the huge jackpot he eventually ended up winning. As we saw with our previous entry there is always the biggest online casino wins 2012 that a big jackpot will pay out on a progressive slot game more than once in a fairly short period of time. The Wild West themed game Gold Rally housed the duo of lucky winners back just click for source December where two players both collected massive wins.

A Finnish player logged in to Scandinavian online casino site PAF 7 regal online casino was more than pleased when he managed to pick up the top prize on the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot game. And what makes it even more unbelievable is that he managed to pickup this incredible prize by simply placing a single 25 cent bet.

How does this work, you might ask? Surely a 17 million euro win after a 25c bet would make the casino go bust. Well, it probably would if it was all paid by the losing casino, but the way these progressive jackpots work, is that lots of different casinos share the pain when a read article win hits- it is spread over a network of sites and often games as well.

This is how they are able to offer such large jackpots. Play the Progressives at Bet Victor. Play the Progressives at Bet Victor Share. These scams generally promise Ladbrokes Continues to Go Big on Casino Promotions Good news for casino punters- Ladbrokes is continuing its aggressive promotional program biggest online casino wins 2012 April. The market has heated up in the last couple of months with many of the big players offering no deposit bonuses for new players biggest online casino wins 2012 Sports Bets Ladbrokes bet Betway.

Gamble Biggest online casino wins 2012 Gamcare Gambling Commision.

Biggest online casino wins 2012 The Biggest Online Casino Wins

Call it luck or recklessness, or a combination of both, but some people risk large sums of money on the off chance of biggest online casino wins 2012 uk casino games win. And it does happen, with some paydays so ridiculously huge they are life changing, turning ordinary people into millionaires in a matter of hours.

Some of the luckiest casino wins of all biggest online casino wins 2012 have happened to ordinary people, many of them down on their luck. But luck always has a way of surprising everyone, although higher payouts do tend to come from the larger bets.

Never afraid biggest online casino wins 2012 losing, he would bet, in a single throw of the dice, what many biggest online casino wins 2012 might earn in a lifetime. While playing high-stakes card games in Los Angeles, he won plenty of money and was also completely broke on numerous occasions. It was in December that Archie began what many consider the greatest hot streak in the history of gambling.

But it was all he needed to start winning big. He also earned over a million dollars playing nine-ball pool. Even the occasional losing streak was not enough to keep him from winning far more than he lost. His name was Elmer Sherwin, and he beat the odds, not once but twice, on the same slot machine. Some people consider certain machines lucky. Sherwin said he had been a fan of Megabucks for a long time. He believed it would pay off eventually, and that belief sustained him for years until biggest online casino wins 2012 second win confirmed his instincts.

It took 16 years playing the slot machine to duplicate his original feat. But as everyone attempts to explain what cannot be explained, a mythology arises. Such wins may be rare, but they do happen from time to time. The honor of winning the largest online gambling payout belongs to a Norwegian gambler by the name of Peter.

It may not be his real name, but that biggest online casino wins 2012 not what is important. What matters is that he became an online casino winner by playing a progressive jackpot slot called Arabian Knights — and it was the fruit slot machine that made his surprise win possible.

His winning streak netted him Mike Ashley, multi-billionaire owner of the Newcastle United Football Club, was already famous when he won 1. His lucky number was 17, and his method of betting focused on every possible combination of that number.

As luck would have it, the roulette ball dropped into the 17 slot, converting his initialpounds to three times that amount. Ashley retrieved his winnings and called it a day. The odds of hitting 17 were high. But Ashley must have known that even a lucky number rarely strikes twice in a row. Then again, stranger things have happened. Although inAshley lost one million pounds in the span of two hours.

Easy come, easy go. Sean Connery, aka super spy James Bond, also had tremendous luck betting on the number While at a casino in the Italian Alps, in true Bond fashion, Connery put his money on He объясню online roulette für geld spielen минут the first two times, but on click third spin, the ball found Leaving his winnings there, the croupier spun the wheel.

Surprisingly, the ball found the 17 slot again. What may have this web page even more surprising, or perhaps insane, was the fact that Connery once again left his winnings in place. Miraculously, the 17 came up a third time in a row, against odds of 50, to 1. Not only did Connery win big read more the number 17 inbut he did the same in the film Diamonds Are Forever.

Although some have won fortunes on the number 17, it does not mean the rest of us will have the same good fortune with that number. If we have lucky numbers, the challenge is in figuring them out, and they do not always come neatly wrapped in fortune cookies. Breaking the bank meant winning more chips than are available biggest online casino wins 2012 the table, and Wells did that not once, but 12 times in the course of the night.

It turns out Charlie Wells was a famous confidence trickster. His game of choice was roulette, and it was at the roulette table that Wells took 4, francs in chips and turned them into a million francs, winning 23 out of 30 successive spins at one point. After winning a million francs, he came back to here same casino a year later and won another million francs over the course of three days.

Luck was not always so kind to Wells, however, and after amassing more money from people who had invested in a fuel-saving device he invented for steam ships, he lost everything at gambling. He later spent eleven years in prison in England for fraud and five years in a French prison before he passed away inpenniless. He had already become an expert gambler by playing roulette in the U.

It was said he was a wheel-watcher who could anticipate where the ball might land. Unlike Wells, though, Darnborough quit playing while he was ahead, marrying into nobility and keeping his fortune. Gambler Don Johnson had a technique when it came to blackjack. He negotiated rules to give himself an edge, like splitting a favorable hand into four separate hands. Whenever he could, he would double his bet. Fortunately for Johnson, some casinos offer high-rollers 10 percent paybacks, meaning he could keep an entire win while still keeping money after a loss.

Revell risked it all by placing it on red on a roulette wheel at the Plaza Casino in downtown Vegas. He quickly doubled his money and left. Although Revell was not a professional gambler, he assumed an enormous risk and won big. He now owns iGaming Biggest online casino wins 2012 that helps staff gambling companies. Biggest online casino wins 2012 Kerry Packer could afford to place large bets.

Lady Luck favored Packer on a number of other occasions from through With its many betting options, craps gives players a chance of winning big or losing big. For Patricia Demauro, luck was on her side. She had only played craps once before, so when she arrived at the craps table at the Borgata in Atlantic City, she could not have been expecting to win consecutive throws in the span of 4 hours and 18 minutes.

If she were placing expert bets, winnings may have been in the millions. It should be noted that the odds of her accomplishment were 1 in 1. There are actually huge casino biggest online casino wins 2012 all the time. Who says one win ever has to be enough? A Former owner of the Golden Nugget wrote of a video game developer biggest online casino wins 2012 Mr.

Those who observed the man considered him the rudest and luckiest player they had ever seen. Unfortunately, the man later lost it all before being kicked out. Want to see if luck is on your side? When you play smart and thoughtfully, you never know what might happen. Casino 12 of the Biggest Casino Wins in History Call it luck or recklessness, or a combination of both, but some people risk large sums of money on the off chance of an enormous win.

Here are 12 stories about some of the biggest casino winners of all time. Peter — Online Slots The honor of winning the largest online gambling payout belongs to a Norwegian gambler by the name of Peter. Patricia Demauro - Craps With its many betting options, craps gives players a chance of winning big or losing big. Lady Luck There are actually huge casino payouts all the time.


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